Representative Successful Projects

CPC Guangdong Province Committee No.2 official building air condition project

Guangdong Province Surveillance Committee training center air condition project

China Southern Power Grid

 Power plant heat reused and voltage transformer cooling project   

 (70% energy saving)


Innovative desalination project poewred by thermodanamics technology 

Sludge  volume reduction treatment 6000 tons/month (80% energy saving)


Communication data center / sever racks cabinet /modem rack cooling project

                  (90% energy saving)

Guangzhou Metro high-street air condition project

Baiyun international airport VIP room air condition project

Guangzhou Television recording studio air condition project

Wong Soeng Wong group dehydration & drying project (80% energy saving)

Guangzhou International Financial Building air condition project

Guangdong Software Industry Estate 13 buildings air condition project

The Fifth Affiliated Hospital of Guangzhou Medical University air condition and domestic hot water project

Guangzhou White Swan hotel air condition and daily hot water project chief designer

Sun Yat-sen University air condition project

Guangdong University of Foreign Studies air condition and domestic hot water project

Jin Hui Yang building and club air condition project

Da Xin Building air condition project

cold train transportation project           (40% fuel consumption saving solution for refrigeration) 

 coal mining project  ( 60% energy saving solution for drying and grinding process)

Leather industry drying project             (60% energy saving)

Slaughterhouse project

(70% energy saving & waste water treatment)

              Pearl River Beer group project              (60% energy saving)

              Yue Xiu district some streets lighting project (light source cooling solution & 80% energy saving for office building lighting solution)

Foshan Aoyuan club air condition project

Honda exhibition hall air condition project

Guangdong DHL office air condition project

Guangzhou Olympus office air condition project

Greenhouse cultivation cooling and warming project (80% energy saving)

Guangzhou Light Industry Group air condition project 

Tao Heung Group all frozen stroage design & construction project

Rose essential oil extraction project

Elevator control center cooling project

Fish-farm cooling and warming project

glove factory energy-saving reconstruction project (saving 65% energy consumption)

Medical mattress & luxury mattress cooling project