About Us

Established in 1993, Powers Technology Co., Ltd. possess the approved qualification as        the top brand enterprise from China Association of Plant Engineering. 

We dedicated to researching and developing various energy conserving and emission      reduction devices and equipment for more than 45 years, providing customers with         energy efficient solution, equipment upgrade, project construction, and maintenance      services.

Powers Technology has persevered in developing innovative technologies, successfully      mastering the revolutionary core technology has helped us to acquire the pioneer              position for last 25 years. The 33 patented technologies have achieved extraordinary            accomplishment by applying to many industries.

In 2005, Power Energy Technology joined the Automation Engineering Research                  Center of the Guangdong Branch of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, becoming its        industrialized company under its role as a technology transfer center, and undertake       the implementation of major science and technology projects in Guangdong Province   

Our Responsibilities

※ To create value for customers:

Maximizing customers’  benefit by providing high-efficiency energy-conserving and cost reducing solutions, equipment  for government, public utilities, institutions, enterprises,  schools, hospitals and so on. 

※ To achieve energy conserving and emission reduction for  various industry:
The 33 patented technologies and the relevant equipment have made profound impact on energy saving and emission reduction for various industry to demonstrate their social responsibilities and enhance brand awareness and reputation
※ To promote sustainable development for society:
As a responsible enterprise,in the era which full of challenges and opportunities, we will persist in striving for alleviating the global warming and solving energy crisis to promote sustainable and prosperous development for society and the treasure planet.



Bronze Award of the 6th International Invention Exhibition


Guangdong Province High-tech Product Award


Guangdong Province High-tech Product Award

Second Prize of China Equipment Management Innovation Achievements


First Prize of the 11th China Scientist Forum

National enterprise capability level qualification for China equipment maintenance and installation

China Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Industry Member

Enterprise Patents


7 invention patents


26 utility model patents

General Manager Speech

We dedicate to creating a brand-new environmentally friendly and energy-conserving system by breaking through the inherent concepts and technologies. We expect to achieve the unity of thriving environment and prosperous social development by innovative and revolutionary technologies, it is the fundamental element to the future of sustainable development for earth and all livings.
Shaomin MO