Solar thermal electric power generation it is a brand-new innovative energy                       technology application which process the stable output, zero emission, and peak           shaving characteristics and with the potential to become  a sustainable energy               source to the world.

☆Technical advantages:

   The system is driven by thermodynamic and photodynamic technology;

    No photovoltaic panel ,no large-scale array parabolic nor dish mirrors are                           required;

   ※ No expensive silicon crystal materials and photoelectric conversion devices                       are required;

   Capture the sunlight and radiant heat within one second;

   Conversion rate from sunlight-heat-electricity can be up to 80%; 

   Decrease the solar power generation cost substantially;

   Zero emission, no pollution release to the air nor to the sea;

   Shorter construction period, low operation and maintenance cost;


    Provide affordable and zero emission and sustainable for industrial scale                            and domestic life to coastal cities;

    Provide steady and clean energy with cost competitive advantage for                                  desalination plants. 

☆Technical advantages:

   ※ The system is driven by thermodynamic and aerodynamic technology; 

   ※ No photovoltaic panels are needed;

   ※ No conventional energy nor other available renewable energy are needed, such             as electricity, natural gas, bioenergy, wind energy, etc, ;

   ※ The relative humidity  more than 40% is required for the high efficiency and                      steady performance;

   ※ The water quality accord with the hygienic criteria, and with strong affinity for                  health, it is suitable for long-term consumption;

   According to the size of the equipment, the daily water production capability is

        1000-5000 liters with cost of 0.25-0.65 dollars per liter.
    To regions which portable water is in scarcity.

☆Technical advantages:
The equipment is powered by thermodynamic and wasted heat energy from engine
No photovoltaic panels are needed;
 No conventional energy nor other available renewable energy are needed, such as                         electricity, natural gas bioenergy, wind energy, etc.;
 No reverse osmosis membrane and energy  recovery device are needed;

 Using the temperature difference between waste  heat and sea water as the thermal                     system;

 With significant energy conservation effect, only  power transportation work                                     process consumes energy, no extra energy is needed;

 Decrease the water producing cost substantially;
 With high Desalination rate, the water has strong affinity for human, which is suitable for            long-term  consumption;

 According to corresponding specification, the daily water producing capacity can be up to        5K-10K liters;

 With low investment and maintenance cost and simple operation.

    Providing portable water for coastal cities, coastal outposts, cargo ships, cruise ships                      and yacht  

☆Technical advantages: 
The equipment is driven mainly by thermodynamic and photodynamic power               and fossil fuels;
※ Saving at least 60% fossil fuel consumption;
※ Substantially reduce marine pollution and protect marine ecosystems;
※ The noise is 6-8 decibel lower than ships of the same horsepower;
※ Hybrid power system can be customized according to corresponding ships;
   To container ships of all sizes, cargo ships, cruise ships and yachts,etc

☆Technical advantages:

※ The system is driven by thermodynamic and photodynamic technology;
 Comparing with the available heat pumps, in the same environment, it can save more than           40% energy consumption,  
 Exposure-type oscillating heat pipe with double refrigerant combination;
 Automatically switch the air source heat system to continue producing hot water all-day;
 Absorb more than 95% solar exposure and achieve 100% conversion rate;
 The heat pump still operate with high efficiency even at minus 20℃ weather condition;
 The water temperature is set to operate from 40℃ to 90℃;
 With its light weight and 35 cm thickness only, it can be widely installed on the roof, walls;
 Each unit supply 10 tons water per hour;
 As a modular device, it can be combined according to corresponding scale needed.
 To regions with enormous distributed energy, the equipment can be utilized combining with        individual energy station.
 Replace the boiler to produce hot water and steam required by various industry;
 Provide cold and hot working condition for central air conditioning;
 Replace the boiler to produce domestic hot water for daily life;
 Applicable for hotels, hospitals, dormitories, sanatoriums, villas, etc.

☆Technical advantages:
Using thermodynamic & photodynamic power and wasted heat from trucks           for refrigeration system;
The system still work with high and steady efficiency even during the vehicle          stop;
To save  40% refrigeration fuel consumption during spring, summer and                   autumn seasons.

   Cold chain transportation for flowers, vegetables, meat, seafood, vaccines, etc.

☆Technical advantages:
The system is powered by using waste heat which generated by industrial             scale from power plants and factories;
Turning waste into treasure and substantially decrease cost;
Greatly reduce pollution for the environment, maximize profit for enterprises       and improve social and economic benefit.
Heat recovery and heat reuse for thermal power stations,chemical plants,             steel mills, etc.                                                                                                                           ※ It is unnecessary to build cooling tower for the high temperature waste                  water  treatment