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Enterprise Mission

Persist in making  good impression for customers;

Persist in setting  good model for posterity;

Persist in offering positive powers for earth;    


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Technology Advantages

※ Dedicating in research and develop the efficient management and comprehensive utilization       of distributed energy and reverse Carnot circle system for 45 years;

※ Mastering the innovative thermodynamics technology, we have successfully developed various      forefront energy-conserving equipment and devices  have created revolutionary impact to              many industries;

※ The proprietary customized high-efficiency and energy-saving heat capture device has                     applied to constantly improve many industries’ equipment and devices’ working condition;

※ More than 30 proprietary equipment apply to refrigeration, heat dissipation, heating,                        heat recovery, and heat  reuse;

※ Some equipment achieved the title as “Natural Science Innovation Award” and “National                  Recommendation Special Innovation Technology Product”;

※ Some core R&D specialists achieved the honorary title as “Science and Technology Talent                of China “, and “Senior expert “qualification from China Association of Plant Engineering;

※ We have successfully provided energy-saving and emission-reducing solutions for many                   famous  companies to achieve extraordinary economic benefit.

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Technology Application

Based on the 33 patented technologies, we provide forefront energy-conserving and emission reduction solutions with ultra low energy consumption, zero pollution to many industries, from small unit equipment to complicated systems.

  • Electricity Generation
  • coastal solar thermal electricity generation plant
  • innovative steam supply solution for power plants
    (without consuming coal nor natural gas,)
  • heat reuse & recovery solution for power plants
  • heat water cooling for power plants
    (without cooling tower nor consuming water )
  • coal cinder drying s for power plants
    (ultra low energy consumption and zero emissions)
  • cooling system for underground transformers
    (without consuming electricity)
  • electricity generation system for desalination plants
    (zero emission,without consuming coal,nor natural gas nor any photovoltaic panel)
  • electricity generation system for communication data center
    (zero emission,without consuming any coal,nor natural gas nor any photovoltaic panel)
  • electricity generation system for Bitcoin minign farm

Project Procedures

Site visit

Based on the preliminary communication, we will arrange a site visit to gain more comprehensive information and collect necessary specific data as a core reference for the next procedure.


After reviewing the site visit data and your expectation, we will completely analyze and assess the expected result which can be achieved by the current advanced technology.


Based on further confirmation, we will provide alternative solutions with various designs and submit the solutions to authoritative organizations for review.